Accommodating Fast-Track and Design-Build

One of Laurene, Rickher & Sorrell, PC’s strengths is the ability to organize and deliver Fast-Track and Design-Build schedules. Our experience with Fast-Track and Design-Build projects includes both large-scale and small-scale projects. We have worked with Design/Build contractors across a wide region of the country and have developed an excellent rapport with each of them.

The Skills to Facilitate and Deliver

We understand the demands placed on each member of the team in a high-pressure Fast-Track environment. We are familiar with the Design-Build process in which the various disciplines are issuing fast-tracked construction packages. Our structural work has commonly included: Piling, Foundations, Structural Steel & Decking Mill Order, Concrete Reinforcing, Concrete Formwork, and other packages of drawings issued to accommodate a fast-tracked or expedited construction process. We appreciate and bring the “first-hand” advantage of having worked with a considerable number of construction managers and design-build teams to deliver sophisticated projects in an orderly and timely process.